Sponge Recipes

Sponge Recipes

Sponge cake is a type of cake that is traditionally made with eggs, flour, sugar and butter. Other ingredients can be added, including fruit, chocolate, cocoa powder, liquor and nuts, to make different types of cake for all occasions. Sponge cake is so called because of the light and airy texture that the eggs give the cake, making it rise and giving it a spongy texture. Read below for a huge variety of delicious sponge cakes, including plum sponge, pecan sponge and a recipe for a classic Victoria sponge.

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About Sponge Cakes:

A traditional sponge cake is made by beating the eggs and sugar together, along with the butter, if using. Once that mixture is smooth, the flour will be sieved into the mixture and then mixed well. If other ingredients are being used, any other dry ingredients will be mixed with the flour, and any other wet ingredients will be mixed with the eggs and sugar.

Sometimes, a sponge cake is raised with the help of baking powder, although in many cases, the only rising agent in the cake is the eggs. Because sponge cakes are never raised with the help of yeast, they're a common choice for celebrating Passover in the United States.

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